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I've been gone for quite a while and there's a good reason for that. I recently got heavily into the art community and have been spending quite a bit of time on Deviantart which, if anyone's interested, you can check it out anytime :)

I'll see if I can post some art here on Newgrounds, but I'll need a way to protect it since it IS CobraProductions® material after all.

Progress Stalled

2010-03-02 01:33:07 by CobraProductions

Working has gotten kind of slow lately and I have a serious mental block for music right now, but I'll still be working on CBP® Projects.

We are currently working on "BZHD" a project for CBP® Revisioned%u2122 (Coming Soon) that will include all of the ships and buildings from Battlezone 1998 in a much higher model detail than the game itself. While at the same time we are gathering assets for a high performance computer to do some Autodesk work on CBP® Dogfights%u2122.

BattleZone is a trademark of Activision btw and we're just fans.

Progress Stalled

CobraTrax 3 and Amythest (Updates)

2009-12-21 13:25:57 by CobraProductions

Alright, just got done with CobraTrax 2 and I'll be moving on to CobraTrax 3 here soon. I've got to finish a couple of songs and add PSP track images, which should happen fairly quickly (Thank God for PS3).

As for Amythest (CobraTrax 1)... I'll be working on that after, or during (I have no idea), Christmas break.

Like I've said before. Maybe some flash work while I wait for a Yamaha Synth. I'll be on, so give me any questions or comments :)

CobraTrax 2

2009-12-16 12:17:43 by CobraProductions

Yay! CobraTrax 1 is basically out of the way and now I've got CobraTrax 2 started.

Be looking forward to CobraTrax 3, but the last song on CBT3 will take a little longer because I want to get a hold of a Yamaha Synth. In the mean time I might get some flashes up...

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2009-12-14 04:11:02 by CobraProductions